Saturday, December 15, 2012


It's been a few months since I have posted.  A lot of stuff going on with work and life just getting in the way.  I recently, took some time off around the holidays and decided to get back on the old shop truck.
I finished up the boxing plate project on the rear kick up area.
Then I focused on the thing I have been putting off, the center cross member.  Most of what I will do on this blog are just over the counter part changes.  Nothing revolutionary.  I bought the Chassis Engineering X member kit with the split wishbone option and the tranny mount built into the center plate.

The kit requires removing the original rivets that hold the center cross member in.  This is a pretty labor intensive process.  It takes the better part of an afternoon.
The carnage from an afternoon's worth of work.
This build has actually been kind of refreshing.  A lot of the stuff I build starts out to be a driver, but ends up being too nice to enjoy, so I end up selling it.  Then the process starts all over again, it's a sickness.
  This one is different, it takes me back to my early years of building hot rods, before I had a real job.  Back before everyone had professionals building the average street rod or hot rod.  Guys built their own hot rods in their garage and they were driven.....a lot.
 This is going to be a safe, reliable driver on a micro budget.  Most of the parts I already had, due to nearly 3 decades of swap meet scouring.