Monday, December 17, 2012


Most of my blog entries are generally pretty dumb and some even have a lame attempt at crude humor.  This one is not that way.

  I have been thinking a lot lately, mainly due to the fact that I lost one of my long time hot rod buddies.  We always assumed that we would have forever to build our hot rods.  That proved to be not the case for Dave. 

 Dave and I met over 12 years ago at work.  He was a new guy and everyone told me he had a 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Seville.  I had to meet this guy.  Dave had the weirdest sense of humor, it was just like mine.  Instantly we bonded and became friends.
 About a year ago, Dave was diagnosed with brain cancer, it was a blow, but he remained positive.  The treatments seemed to be working and everyone was optimistic.  Eventually, he weakened and the cancer got the best of him.  That really devastated my family.  It's rare that you find a friend that your wife, kids, extended family love as much as you do.
My buddy Dave, rest in peace, my friend.
  So why post all of this on your blog?  The main reason is, I started taking inventory on my life.... my priorities.  What is the purpose of this hot rod fetish I am so passionate about?  How many projects do I really need?  Why do I hoard this stuff?  I have been collecting it for decades.  What will my wife do with all of it if something happened to me?

I live on a main highway and every Saturday I watch 25-50 motorcycle guys leave out while I slave away in the shop, banging on old rusty metal.  About 12 hours later they all return, while I am still in the shop working on the same old rusty heaps.  This happens every weekend, year after year.

  The point is, they are out having fun and spending time with their family and friends while I am stuck building stuff with the intention that this stuff that is to bring me happiness someday.  You see, that day may never come.  I get so wrapped up in the details of the build, that they string out for years and years.   They have the right idea.  That's the way ht rods used to be.  Intentional and built with driving in mind. 

I started selling off things. I don't need all this stuff. I need to re-focus.  

This shop truck build is going to be different.  It's going to be functional and drivable and it won't take years to complete.  It's going to  be built in under a year. I may have to overlook some imperfections, but if so......who cares?

  It's all about the cruise.
Adios Amigo.

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