Saturday, December 15, 2012

This and That....little things that add up

I have a few things that I need to deal with in order to keep moving forward with the frame build.  My goal is to do a couple of things every time I go to the shop.  I need to get the chassis sitting on all fours before winter, sub zero temps set in.

There is a couple of areas that need to be repaired and I figured I would tackle them next.  The first one is the area where the cab hangs down over the outboard sides of the frame.  Dirt always gets trapped in this area, causing the frame to rust and pit severely.  This is the case with my frame.  In some read it was pitted completely through the metal. This is almost exactly in the middle of the frame, so it is  critical that it is structurally sound.
I picked up some drops from a local steel supplier, which are cheaper than buying a whole sheet, which you may not need all of it for a long time.
The frame material is 11 gauge, which is .119".  I had a buddy of mine, who will be known as Mr. X, bend this in the press brake at his place of employment.  
We trade favors, he bends metal for me and I give him fashion and dating advice.........because of my background as a Chippendale's dancer.

We ended up with a 3/16" radius, which is pretty close to the stock frame.
So, I grabbed the sawmill and the high speed and started hacking.
Clamped up and ready to start tack welding.
The completed section after primering.  

The next area has some weird damage.  It looks like maybe this frame was picked up with a hay spear.  If you have no idea what a hay spear is, it is the most universally misused tool on a farm.

Same basic process here, just in a smaller area.  I straightened up the remainder of the dented area and welded the patch in.  It was pretty quick and painless.
Good as new.  That's all for this weekend.  I need to focus on getting the rear spring hangers installed next.

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