Saturday, October 13, 2012

I feel like boxing......

Maybe, not like this guy.....I'm too old and it takes me too long to heal.

I needed to tidy up some leftover loose ends, one of which happens to be boxing the rear kickup areas.  I thought about building my own, but by the time I bought the materials, the cutoff wheels and the time, it wouldn't be cost effective.  So, I ordered up a set from Yogi's.  It was a Chassis Engineering set.  It was $68 for both sides.  I can't build them for that.
Camouflaged amongst the oil spots on the floor is the new boxing plate.  They are made out of 3/16" plate, which is way overkill, but that's ok.  
The plates were designed for a frame with the rear crossmember removed.  I can't see the logic in removing such a stout piece of the frame personally.  I'll use it in the future to mount the shocks to.  I had to shorten the plates about 6-8", so I clamped the plate to the outside and used a framing square to guesstimate the scribe line.
Once I found that line, I shortened the boxing plate to fit up against the rear crossmember.  The plates fit were pretty close, but the frames vary somewhat, so I had to grind the frame to fit.
I clamped it up, squaring everything up and started tacking away....
It's sort of redundant, so here are pics after the welding, grinding, priming etc.

It took way longer than I had planned, so I only got one side done. More later..........

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