Monday, February 4, 2013


It's been a while since I have had time to post.  I have been traveling with work and in our free time, we have been scouting college campuses for my daughter.

I got a few warm days in a row, so I decided to take advantage of them and get the frame in paint.  I'll post a few pics of my progress.  Nothing earth shattering, just the frame stripped and then a few more with the front suspension etc. installed.

The first thing I did was fab up a cheap rotisserie for the frame.  I had a couple of old engine stands laying around, so I fabbed a receiver hitch mount for the rear and a cross brace for the front.  It made it a little easier to make sure everything was good and covered.

It made it easier to roll around, as well.  Not the best in the world, but way below average.

I always hated those poly bushings that everyone sells for the front ends, so I started researching to see if there was anything better out there.  That's when I stumbled across these on Limework's website.
These were made from "Oilite" stock.  They should hold up way better.  They were cheap enough.  I paid $25 for 8 bushings.  That not much more than those el cheapo nylon bushings and they will live 10 times longer.  Here is the link if you would like to order a set.            

 I always like to give credit when I buy something that is a good quality product.  Everything I have ever gotten from Limeworks has been top shelf.

Nice and tight.  Should be a vast improvement.

Hard to tell from this pic, but everything is hung.  I hung the spindles and I used the roller bearing king pin sets.  It's a nice upgrade.  Definitely worth the extra. 

I try to  finish 2 or 3 things every time I go out to the shop.  I figured this would be an easy one, so I had the tires mounted up.
I found these online.  I think they are pretty standard on Volkswagen Bugs.  It is a 165 85 R15, if memory serves.
I'll try and get more done in the future, but I am kinda slow.