Saturday, December 15, 2012

Shiny, Pretty things dangling from the ceiling .....

Sometimes, I just have to paint stuff to make myself feel like I am making progress.  Visual progress.  I need visual progress.

 So, I gathered up the pieces I had that I can paint that bolt onto the chassis.  It's easier to paint things individually, rather than when I am trying to paint the frame as a complete unit. 

I tried something that I thought would look good.  I had drilled my front axle and polished the web to a high luster.  I thought it would be cool to paint the axle black with the web painted ivory to match the accent color.  Boy was I wrong. Tragically wrong.
I primered the axle and back taped the areas I wanted in the ivory color.  It ended up looking like something from a 1950's western.
So, after conferring with a couple of my hot rod buddies that are always brutally honest, I decided to abort the whole idea.  Black is always safe.
Mucho better.

I painted the wheels in the polyurethane paint, JetGlo.  This paint is primarily used for aircraft base colors.  This is the accent color that I will be using to offset the body color.

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