Wednesday, May 1, 2013


The cab is starting to come together.  I don't have a lot of free time, so I have been chipping away at it in the evenings.  I welded up all of the fatigue cracks and filled a few more holes.
 This is my rat rodder trap.  I put a PBR for bait under it and wait patiently....

The rear brace that is behind the fuel tank is pretty banged up.  It is supposed to be spot welded to the floor, but it is floating free.  I went ahead and removed it so I could straighten it.  I may have to build a new one.

 All straightened up.  Still not sure if I am going to use it.  I may build one a little more substantial.

 The  hat channels below the rear window are kinda jacked up.  Pieces are missing from years of vibrating.  These things can't be thicker than .020" steel.  I tacked it back in place to keep it out of the way.  I'll have to add some L brackets to help shore it up.

 The main difference between the pickup cabs and the big truck cabs is the fuel tank location.  The pickup tank is located under the rear of the bed, while the big truck is inside the cab.  It doubled as a seat riser.  A buddy of mine, Bruce, did this recently, so I am going to steal his idea.  He retained the tank, but removed the top of the tank and used it for storage.  It's a good place for my stereo amp and my powered subwoofer.
 I drilled four holes withe a hole saw to give me a starting point.  I used the sawzall to remove the lid.  I purged the tank with shop air for a few minutes to see if there were fuel fumes present.

 The shape of this tank was pretty amazing.  I felt bad about cutting it up for about.......10 seconds.  The baffles are spot welded in.  I underestimated the quality of the spot welds.  I tore a hole in it trying an air chisel.  Gonna hafta cut it just above the floor and grind the remainder out.
 The carnage after about an hour.  It's a pain, but it needs to be done, so I can make sure I can locate the critical pieces.  I hate having to rework stuff after it's done.
It still needs some clean up, but I ran out of sawzall blades and time.

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