Monday, May 27, 2013

Summer break....

I haven't been able to get much done lately.  
I have been trying to get my garden in and the weather isn't cooperating.  Weirdest weather to date.  Snow and freezing temps in May.  
My daughter is in her Senior year and she graduated at the end of May.  We had prom to deal with and needless to say, the truck has taken a back seat.
Rules for dating my daughter....#1.  You can't.

So, Jr. came home from college and said he wanted to work on the shop truck.  Who am I to turn down free labor?  Well, technically I am paying for his college, food, lodging and transportation , so I guess it's not free after all. 
 So he was a sanding fool for about 6 hours.  We did a little bondo work and blocked it.  It is in decent shape for being 78 years old.  It still has it's share of dents and dings.
Spotted fever.......
So we decided to try something new.  I have been doing some research on different rust primers etc. and so this truck is going to be a test bed to try several different things.  The first is Rustoleum's rust primer.  I have found that it shares the same base components as some of the other name brand "Rust Preventers" according to the MSDS sheets.  
 The best thing it is $8 qt. at Wally World.

 The finish is a semi gloss and it lays down pretty smooth overall.

Jr's first solo shot at primering.  The funny thing is I cut my body work teeth on a 36 cab.  My dad did also.  It's genetic, I suppose.
 The action shot.....
Looks better already.  It still has a lot of hours of body work in it's future, but we have a good start.

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