Monday, July 23, 2012


The shop truck is going to be a 1935 Ford pickup.  I have an old frame that I picked up from my grandpa's farm and I have enough parts that I have accumulated over the years to put this thing back together.

  It's been laying out back in the pile o' crap.
The first thing I needed to do, was assess the damage incurred over the last 76 years.  I wheeled out the trusty old sandblaster (possibly the best tool ever purchased) and started removing the old crusties.


 Typical rust in the rear kick up areas.

Front crossmember needs to be replaced.  Pretty substantial damage. This is from years of fatigue.  Trucks don't see the abuse like this anymore and the roads are way better.  Sorry about the crappy picture.

 Looks like Sir Torch-a-lot has been here.

The brackets on both sides of the X member are missing.
Although, it seems like a lot, this stuff should clean up pretty quickly.
I drug the frame in and tossed it up on the lift.  This worked out, it allowed me to raise it or lower it like an adjustable work table.
I'll have to address each issue individually.  I'll keep this blog updated as I progress.

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